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Dude, you fucked with me too long for me to deal with you fucking with my best friend. Be mature. Grow up. A few facts:

- ben doesn't want you
- you try way too hard to get other people upset, and if you would put half of your focus from that on being a better person, you might be able to have some friends
- you've lost all your friends for a fucking reason you idiot
- putting boxes of shit on your ex best friend's lawn isn't going to make her upset, it will make her laugh and cut up shirts to clean bass drums
- your whole section doesn't like you
- one of your eyes is bigger than the other
- you aren't a real model. I know you like to pretend to be, with your "photoshoots" in your backyard. Just because you got a call back from a local "modeling agency" doesn't make you one. They called everyone back.
- you have no eyebrows
- your "panic attacks" make people laugh. So cry, because it's fucking funny because you are an idiot
- no one feels sorry for you, and no one will
- you dumped austin, so get over it
- your fake
- you have lame insults. I am well aware I have a big nose. Thank you, you fucking imbicile.
- I want to punch you in the face so hard that it will make you need surgery on your nose for a second time
- no one believes your stories, and everyone thinks your lame for never letting anything go. GET OVER IT AND QUIT BITCHING.
- you're a spoiled bitch. You get everything you fucking want from your parents. Don't bitch about having a hard life when you have a car to drive and a lisence. I'm almost 17 and I don't have anything of the sort
- you should stop hating people who you haven't even met yet, or hating someone because they are fat
- you weren't given the snare spot because you were good, it was by default, so stop bragging about being the only one on there since 1999 or whatever. NO ONE FUCKING CARES.
- people poured red paint on your car for a reason.


I love this community. I needed that.

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