ambience. (aroundhollywood) wrote in _letterstoyou_,

dear cassaundra aubree,

you are being an immature little twat. thats all i have to say. you're making the same mistake over and over and over again and you're NOT LEARNING. "noooo, i don't want to go home because my parents HIT ME!" do you not realize that THEY WOULDN'T HIT YOU IF YOU WENT HOME? OR AT LEAST TOLD THEM WHERE YOU WERE? you're being stupid and acting like theres nothing wrong with it. don't expect to be seeing me this summer, or hanging around with me next year. i've got that covered. i don't want your friendship anymore, and nor do i need it. i don't want anything to do with you. as far as i'm concerned, you're just weighing me down. i missed my period this month because of you, because of how stressed you make me. i'm not dealing with your problems and your shit anymore. call me all you want but you're not getting anything out of me. i can't stand you anymore.

its almost been 3 years. we're never going to make it there. 3 years on september 2nd, but it wont happen. i'm not going to last these next two months. our friendship wont, at least. and at our grade 12 graduation (if you don't drop out before that, you know..) i'll give you a hug and say bye before i move to L.A or whatever, while you sit at home and be just like your brother you hate, freeloading as much as possible til you have to live on the streets. as much as i don't want that to happen to you, to casey, to little cute loud casey, if you're making the wrong choices i'm going to let them happen. i'm not going to deal with your shit anymore.

you're useless to me now.

amber-leigh noelle

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