heather bo beather (peace0f_mind) wrote in _letterstoyou_,
heather bo beather

dear tall blonde fella,
the stuff you said to me saturday really hurt my feelings.
your embarrassed?
how could you even think to say that to me?
its really made me want to have space from you.
you move in to kiss me and i pull back a little.
you havent noticed.
or you jsut dont care.
im really very unhappy.
and after all the bullshit weve been through, who knew that this would be the one thing that could drive us apart.

i dont know what to do about this.
ive been thinking about it for days.
its all i can think about really.
do i really want to be with someone who feels that way?
god i dont know what to do.

i think were going to have to sit down and talk - again.

- your favorite dreadhead

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