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here I go again.


dear you,

where to begin. so, um, I really need you right now. I don't know what it is, or was, or what it will be, but, something needs to... I don't know... it just needs to be. I really need someone, not in the intimate kind of way, or even the best friend kind of way. I just need someone. In whatever way I can have. granted, with you, I would love intimacy, but, that's not the only important thing in life.
So, uh, on another topic. Remember that converstion we had? About.. feelings and how you said you cared about me. Well.. in simple words. I like you. a lot. so do something about it. either let's be together or tell me that we never will be becuase. well, because I can't take the inbetween anymore. it's killing me.
thank you for listening. you've always been amazing to me.
con amore,
katie my mind everything we did was right
open your eyes I'll still be by your side
how could I ever have been so blind
you give me something to sleep to at night...

the end.
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