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Dear Parents.

Thank you for letting me go to Download. :)

Lisa. x!

On the other hand..

Why do you do this to yourself? You work up a script in your head and hope things play out. They do.. and you forget your lines. You become speechless and at a loss for the right words. You're making it a thousand times harder for you and him. Everyone is falling in love and I'm falling out of it. Or am i? Maybe I'm being pathetic. Would you rather lose him altogether or keep him safe as your best friend? You're too scared of how you will cope. How will he feel? How will things play out after? I need him in my life. He has been my drug for over a year. I'm so sorry if I hurt you. You mean the fucking universe to me, I just don't know if I'm in love with you. You have/will given/give me the best and most treasured memories of my life. NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT.

I love you angel, always and forever. xxxxxxxxx.

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