Thatkid (unworthy__2u) wrote in _letterstoyou_,

Dear ****,

Yeah I know we go out. Were in love with eachother and I don't think I want to love anyone else ever again.
But theres a problem, and you know a bit about it. You know that I might be moving, yeah all the way to France.
You see, the catch to this is that, You see that promise I made you? The promise that I'll stay and I'll never leave you.

Well I broke it. and there is no way I can stay with you.

We have 4 more months, and a few more day's. And I just want it to last forever.

I promise never to make a promise again, because you'll know soon enough you can't believe me, And I'm sorry.

You're the only thing that keeps me alive, and without you I think I might die.

This situation keeps me crying all night.

I love you.
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