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And every day, I learn something new...


You shocked me today. I thought you were open-minded. But obviously you're not. I was ready and willing to leave the topic alone. But you kept adding things. I hope the fact that I believe God created homosexuals, and IT'S NOT A CHOICE, our friendship isn't harmed. Because if you can't accept my views, I want nothing more to do with you. Honestly, I tried to stop the conversation, why? Because I cannot talk calmly about gay rights. Honestly, I've tried, but when people like you say shit like 'it's a choice tho.' I get pissed. And maybe I shouldn't, but you kept pushing it. If you had just stopped, I would not be like I am. Thank you for ruining my mood by telling me my views are wrong, and the commercial that I loved is just plain stupid. Thanks again. For just not being willing to take someone's views as they are-without telling someone they're wrong.

Hopefully, you're not judging me for the way I believe. Because if you are, I will want nothing to do with you.


This commercial is the one that made me happy, and he called stupid.

Edit:: Disclaimer: I do not have a problem with other people's views. I just hate when people tell me I'm wrong, matter-of-factly. And if my words offend you, I'm sorry. I have strong beliefs on this subject as I'm sure you can tell. And I understand that not everyone feels the same way. I honestly do not have a problem with that--just as long as they don't tell me that I'm completely wrong. I respect that every person has different beliefs.
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