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Dear You-

You damn stoner. I have the worst luck. Whenever I see you, I look horrible. I saw your girlfriend of a long time today. She has nice eyes, everything else though? I wouldn't date her. but I'm sure she has an amazing personality or something. Whatever it is that she has- I'm glad that you found it in her. I'm glad that you're happy but I hate the fact that you broke my heart. I don't know if I was in love with you- but I know that I loved you. And I'm sorry that even after two years, I'm still not all the way over you. It could maybe be the way things ended or the fact that I think I might still like you that gets me. Regardless, my affections need to go on to other people. But I keep getting hurt, and I know that it's part of life, getting hurt, but it's annoying as hell. You're a good person, and I don't like the fact that you ignore me whenever you see me. I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you hate me and that I was so bitter when that stuff happened. It wasn't your fault.
but who's fault was it? I know it wasn't my fault. You forgot about me. Maybe it was the weed- but that's just stupid. You can't remember you had a girlfriend? Bullshit? Maybe. I don't know the truth. All I know is that I truely cared for you and you just.. spat on it. You spat on my love for you. I wanted you to do better things than be an assistant plumber and live with your bestfriend. Maybe I was over ambitious. Maybe you're just destined to stay in this small town forever, being the resident stoner with nothing to show for it but a beat up car and your bestfriends folks house.

whatever. I'm through with these pesky emotions for you. It's not worth anything.

I'm going to write a letter tonight, to you, and burn it. then I'll do what I do best- listen to music and write a poem about how much this sucks. but I refuse to let you have a hold on my heart anymore. I'm better than you.
And you know it.
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