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Dear Heart, I don’t think you remember me…
I know its bad, but it’s the easiest solution. It’s like maths, you have the book and while you work, in your head you keep repeating ‘there are answers in the back’, and then you wish that you weren’t trusted. I know, trust me to compare cheating in maths to bottling your emotions up, but they are the same, aren’t they? Sometimes, things aren’t better left alone, and when you meddle in things that shouldn’t be meddled in, you learn things, things you wished you never learned, and from then on, you have to learn to block out your emotions, the only thing which still kept you sain. Then you start thinking its not that bad, you’re getting better but in truth, you’re just getting used to it. So now, I thought I'd apologise in advance
<3 me
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