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Sadness ! - toooooo much going around

Dear Girls,

I know that you both have been having really hard times lately. I know all I say is things will get better. They will and I know it. You have to deal with these things, because that is what is forming you into the person you will become. I wish that I could just take those assnine fools by the throat and shake them till they understand what they have done to you. It is so ironic how both of you are having the same problems right now. I feel helpless and unable to mend your pain. You are better off with them out of your lives, they will only cause confict and pain over and over again, because they are weak and feed off of your strengths. Just think ahead a little bit and see that things cannot get worse here, not if you dont let them. Both Samantha and Tori will realize one day that they are the fools for what they lost and the kindness that you no longer have to give to them can be given to the ones who deserve it.

Love you both very much,


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