Stiner Leigh :) (stiner_baby) wrote in _letterstoyou_,
Stiner Leigh :)

dear mattie
after all these years, you still manage to drive me crazy.
the day we started talking again, i was thinking to myself, "wow i wonder how mattie has been?" and there you go, i/ming me , telling me how much you miss hanging out.
my thoughts?
exactly the same.
i missed being with you the most.
its been fucking amazing hanging out with the for the past three weeks, even though you and i do not want the same things.
i never said i wanted a realtionship, i just want your words to match your actions.
friends with benifits + cuddling all the fucking time= very confused me.
and to tell you the truth, i fucking love you dear.
i do
i can't let you go.
when you dated kaylyn and i was so happy for you. i was happy, becuase if i wouldn't have convinced myself of that, i would have been deeply depressed. i'm not excited you two broke up, but its nice to see you all the time now.
i love the way you joke with me too, even though i act like i hate it, i fucking love it.

oh boy, we've done it again, havent' we?
youve got it all mattie-all of me anyway.


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