kim (fallinangel_13) wrote in _letterstoyou_,

Dear ___ ;
Please stop ignoring us. your ruining the friendship all by yourself, are you that blind? cant see how hard your making it for us? you devote all your time to him, your best friends have simply become jewels to wear on your arms while hes away. Im suer that sounds like an exaggeration but you can ask just about anyone. they will tell you the exact sam. My opinion on him is what id love to say to you in the flesh. but i dont have the confidence nor would i do it because it would most likely hurt you. Dillon is a great friend and all but he doesnt seem to make the right desicions and your VERY easily influenced by him. The things he does..i shall not say here. Lately youve been saying ot me your sick of him, are you really or do you miss your jewels? Have you finally noticed thatd we left you in the past? We are getting sick of being ignored. being used. being taken advantage of. Just think things over and figure out your problems that you think has dissapeared. I think your losing your sight more each day; before you know it you will be blind.
xox. one of the supposed bestfriends.

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