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I miss you tonight, more than I've missed you in a long time. And I'm not sure why. I wish I knew. But I don't.
I keep thinking about it, and I want to say goodbye. I want to tell you everything being housed in my heart. I want to know if you're proud of me. I want to know what you think about everything.
I miss hearing your voice. I miss seeing your face. I miss everything about you. I miss the way kids would steal your kite/toy when we went to the park.
I miss everything about you.
And I wish I could see you one last time, like you were. You were the biggest kid I've ever known. And I loved that.
I used to be a fish, that you'd reel in.
You were so fun to be around. And I miss that.

The bottom line is, I MISS you. And I miss you MORE with every passing month, week, day, hour minute.

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This is my dad, on the floor. Playing Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots, with my older brother. This is my dad. It's how he's been for as long as I knew him...He would've done this instead of work. And that's probably the best thing about him.


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