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So, I just 'finished' this poem. I say that in quotes, because I read somewhere that a poem is never finished -- only abandoned. And I kind of agree with that, because there's always more that you could add to the poem. But I'm putting it behind an lj cut because well, it's weird. Basically, it's about a house that eats people.

And the wind warns people, but it's a neat poem...or it would be if it didn't creep me out. Lol. Read it if you want, and feed back would be appreciated. :)

Is closing in.
Stealing the light,
And storing it in a bin
Small rays escape through the cracks,
Showing barely enough light,
To imitate the moon
And filling everything with fright

A single bolt of lightning,
Flies through the air,
Illuminating the area,
Showing that no one’s there.
A single window
A single room,
Dark and silent;
Silent as a tomb

‘Some one died in there,’
Floats eerily through the bare trees
Causing a lone hiker
To drop to his knees

A shriek escapes his lips,
And down a steep hill, he slips.
All around him, animals scurry away,
Because near the tomb, none will stay

The hiker’s being sucked down,
Deeper and deeper into the abyss
Losing track of everything
Deeply afraid of death’s true kiss
The single room
Opens to swallow its next victim whole,
The window fades to nothing,
Unwilling to show a single soul

The silence is broken
By one single scream
The room has swallowed yet another victim
Yet he wishes it was just a dream
Swiftly, the room’s swiped clean,
Silently, the window reappears,
Slowly, the animals approach-
Showing, all of their deep-seated fears

‘Some one died there’
Repeats the wind.
‘Some one DIED there,’
It says again.

‘Stay Away! Leave! Go Back!’
Echoes down the one-way track.
No one’s there to hear it,
And it fades away bit by bit.

In time, the lone hiker is forgotten,
The one room
Waits in silence
Waiting for another to meet the impending doom
All around,
No sound can be heard
Silence overwhelms all the animals-
Even the smallest bird

No leaves rustle in the wind,
No hiker passes through
Waiting, in silence
The room beckons YOU!
Beckons softly,
Beckons coarsely
Beckons loudly
Beckons hoarsely.

‘Back away’
Rustles through the fallen leaves,
‘Don’t go near’
Whispers the other fallen debris.

‘Did someone die there?’
Escapes your lips as you collapse on a waiting chair.
‘Yes, someone did…’
Echoes the wind’s final warning bid.

It’s too late,
You’re being dragged under
It’s too late
Your life’s now been blown asunder.
‘We warned you’
The wind whistles knowingly in your ear.
You shrug it off,
What have you got to fear?

The room opens,
And starts sucking in its prey
Inside the room,
You will always stay.
Joining the lone hiker,
Your life ends,
Swiftly and with one scream,
Maybe the wind, leaves and other debris should have been your friends.

The blood is gone,
The window comes back,
Silence returns
As the sky goes black

Darkness slowly takes over,
Leading away from a four-leaf clover.
One last ray of lightning flashes,
And one final blast of thunder crashes.

The room has become silent
It’s waiting for someone new to let in
The wind blows its warnings
And causes quite a din.
People and creatures alike,
Stay away
The wind’s warnings,
Know just what to say.

‘Someone died there,’
The wind whistles night and day
‘Someone died there’
The wind whispers as it fades away.
She was unaware,
No one believed the wind.
She went near…
And now, it’s like she’s sinned.

Down, and down she goes.
Deep under the ‘room.’
She screams-
As she joins the others buried in the tomb.

She was stupid, unafraid
And now deep under the ground she’s been laid.
‘Four were killed in there…’
The wind whispers causing people to stare.

A group of police appears
And marches straight up to the ‘room.’
Knock on the door,
And then realize why it’s been called a tomb.
Down, they all go.
On top of all those who came before,
Down, their last strangled scream
Fading away like the tide washing away from the shore

The room eats everyone,
Everyone who comes even remotely near
The room is spotless
And now, inspires fear.


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