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To you..

Right when im finally finding some one new and getting over you.. You decide to come and ask me out again, I am now going insane. I know for a fact you are my soul mate, we get along so well. I know you like I have never known some one before, and you know me like no one has ever known me before. Even though i have been getting over you, you have still always been on my mind. I have always been wainting you to ask me out again, and it never seemed to happen. I was constantly hoping, now that its finally here.. I dont even know what to do. I don't want to choose between 2 people, it doesnt seem right. I know no matter what i do some one is going to get hurt. I get a different sort of feeling when im with either of you, what makes it hard is that they are both good feelings. I dont want to hurt either of you! I feel like the devil right now... I'm sorry...
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