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where do we go from here?

when life gives me songs, I make a soundtrack

1.the fray- over my head
2.james blunt- you're beautiful
3.straylight run- hands in the sky
4.nightmare of you- i want to be buried in your backyard
5.i am the avalanche- green eyes
6.panic!at the disco- there's a reason why these tables are
numbered honey, you just haven't thought of it yet.
7.gatsby's american dream- theater
8.the all american rejects-move along
10.yellowcard-lights and sounds
11.plain white tee's-hey there delilah

So, I'm best friends with this kid Nate, I have total feelings for him.
Not to sure how he feels and I think he is the reason for some of the songs on my new mix.
Like the fray, nightmare of you, james blunt, i am the avalanche, plain white tees, and pressure.
High school is a disease

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