Melissa (choraleergirl04) wrote in _letterstoyou_,

Why Then?

You ask me to come over to watch a movie and then when we start to watch the movie, you fall asleep 2 minutes into it. I know you have been taking Bendryll for what happened when you went to the hosptial..but why? Why did you want to me to come over to spend time with you? We woke up in the morning and I could tell that you finally slept the entire night. You woke up maybe once! When we woke up together, you went upstairs to make me breakfast. That was so sweet and I knew right then and there that I couldnt be mad at you. When we were eating you told me that you slept so much better than you have in weeks. Aww..was that because I was there? I am so me understand you. Help me understand "us"

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