Connie (thelonlyone92) wrote in _letterstoyou_,

Dear Aunt Dale,
I miss you alot. Just the other day I saw a lady with red hair, like your was before if all fell out b/c of the treament. I just thought for a second, omg is aunt dale! I miss those late night phone calls when everything was falling apart and we would talk for hours. I miss having you there to talk to. As I wirte this I am crying, I miss you alot. Things are a mess right now. School hell,friends are fighting, parents ..cant talk to them, great aunt cora has cancer. I really need someone to talk to right now, but know one is there. Last night ..I..I tried to kill my self, I's so hard to deal with now. It's to much. and I miss you soo much. Just one more hug, just one more laugh. That's all I want more moment with you. I miss you..thats all I wanted to say.
Much Love To You,

Dear Great Aunt Cora,
How's the weather up there in maryland?? I bet you guys got snow, we didn't get anything yet this/last year. I hope Tony is taking good care of you. I had fun coming up and visting you a few mthns ago. You look good, but I know your not so good. I know having cancer is really wearing you down, its doing the same to me. I have all ready lost so many people to it. Now you. After aunt dale died, you where there for me. I would call you,but now when I call I hear it in your voice that your getting weaker and weaker. It kills me inside littel by littel. To know im losing another one of you. The doctors say you can't beat the cancer the second time, cuz you did the fist. I hope to see you again soon. Hope your with peace with your self when its time for you to be a rest. I miss seeing you, huging you, talking to you and sharing laughter with you. *hugs*
Love You,

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