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dear kid
okay. you were a cutie. thats no lie. but i'm glad what happened. i think i just miss love was all. and i'm glad what happened. i think i'm going to wait until college to date to tell you the truth. only becuase there is still a part of me that says "youre not ready" and until i see a boy and think "i'm ready" i wont be. but i think i know why i'm not. but its okay. i hope everything works out. youre a great kid.
love a girl

dear friend
I forgive you. maybe one day i can say it to your face. but until we cross that bridge I'll keep it written here. I'm sorry.
love a friend

dear good friend
i'm sorry i'm mean sometimes. really. i dont mean it. i wish i knew myself better sometimes..
love a not so good friend

and lastly

dear boys
i'm sorry. for anything and everything. really. for those i dated, for those i've ditched, for those i waved to. for those who have fallen in love with me. I just want to apologize for the way Ive acted. Really.
love a girl

okay one last one haha

dear physics
good ridance. plzdiekthxbai.
love the art student
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