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wishing for stamps

To Daniel
I'm scared, I won't lie[anymore]. I wasn't looking for this - I wasn't looking for anything - I was[n't] looking period. You fell into my lap like late November snow on bare thighs; unexpected, unwanted, but for some reason welcome.
I'm not sure if your chain of events are completely healthy. From just kissing to..yea. We skipped a bit...and I didn't mind. But it solidified the idea in my mind - we're nothing. We just fuck around. No strings, No attachment, No nothing. Just some fun, for a while.
I'm [and have been]scared. I love you. I can't help it - and I'm sorry. I know you say you love me too, but I don't think you grasp the situation. You don't love me, you're fucking me. There is most definately a difference. But Dan...I love you. In an inconvienient, unfortunate, unexpected, annoying, hurassing, baggering, can't deny it even though I know I should, painful, make me hate you, love you kind of love.
I just thought you should know. I'm not just a quick fuck - it's a not-so-momentary love.

To All the Boys who just found out I'm on the proverbial market again
Stop calling me. Just because I am not dating anyone specific and recently become sexually active does not mean I am going to have multiple crazy animal sex sessions with you. So Kyle, Travis, Derek, Kyle H., Jimmi, Mike, and Ant - Stop Calling,
My phone bill is going to be over it's limit soon.

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