I'll Tell Another Lie For You (3x0ne_wishx3) wrote in _letterstoyou_,
I'll Tell Another Lie For You

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Dear guy best friend-
You're right, you know me better then anyone else in the world.
I have a dirty little secret I guess you could say.
I never got over you.
I just fell harder.
I guess the phrase 'head over heels' begins to scratch the surface of my feelings.
Its so bad, the word 'love' seems not powerfull enough.
Don't worry I'll tell you someday.
And as you run in the opposite direction sceaming
Remeber me at my best, and not as the girl dying in your dust.

Dear boyfreind -
Don't get me wrong,
Your great.
And you're perfect for me right now.
And I enjoy being around you
But yoDu're no him
And thats not your fault.
You're wonderful.
And someday someone will realize that.
Who knows
Maybe it will be me.

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