I won't change my skin, just to fit your mood (chemicallyblu) wrote in _letterstoyou_,
I won't change my skin, just to fit your mood

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I am sorry you are so hurting that you have to act out the way you are. If you feel our relationship was a lie, or was as bad as you are now saying it was, then maybe you need to figure out what part you may have played in it as well, and why you are still holding this bitter passion for me. If you are so glad to be rid of me and all that you say I am, then why don't you cut your losses? Why do you care what I decide/d to do with my life from the day you got me to break up with myself for you. I am not angry at you, even for the words you have said to and about me since our end. I feel no bitterness or resentment towards you. Try all you want, but you will not trap me into saying mean, cruel and harmful things about you. I refuse to. I am more than capable of coming up with things to say and points to make that will make others see things my way as well. I have issues with us, with you.. but the difference between the two of us, is I am not going to allow myself to give into them. My angers at you are temporary. You did me the largest favor by allowing me to love you (no matter what you think I actually felt, what I felt for you was real to me) and you have done me a even bigger favor by setting me free of us. You are more than welcome to feel any way you please and I do not begrudge you those feelings. I just hope someday you can find peace with the demons you seem so hard to deny are there within yourself. I knew quite some time before you actually let me go, that you no longer wanted me, that you really had stopped caring, or at least stop acting like you did. This didn't come as a shock to me, maybe thats why I am not anger and you seem to be. I wish you nothing but joy from this day forward. May you find yourself at your best.
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