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Geez, I am such an idiot. You all have no idea. I mean God, you'd think I'd learn from falling in love with my best freind, ruining 2 relationships because of it, then getting rejected and having my heart broken, and then competly losing him. The 6 months we didn't speak I wanted to die. I felt like going through my days not talking to him was taking everything out of me. So you all think I'd fucking learn, well NEWSFLASH, I didn't. I fell in love with my best freind, broke up with my boyfreind Sam because of it. Then I thought I liked someone else, someone who was pretty cool, his name was Evan, and I was excited. I thought I was over Jeff, honest. Then come to find out Evan likes me, dude, jump for joy right? Well I did, and he asked me out the day before vaction [23] and all through vacation, I didn't talk to Jeff much at all, I talked to him like once, maybe, but I talked to Evan every blessed day. I really liked him, even though we had nothing in common. Then even today I was ok, I was just normal. We hung out, we talked, and we flirted which we always do just because we're flirts. I was possessive only in the way that he was my best freind and nothing more. Like this phyco bitch who likes him who I used to be really close with was bitching out how he wont commit and he didn't want a girlfreind and how she wasn't like his exgirlfreind Ali and she wasn't going to screw him over, and I knew who she was talking about and I was just checking becuase you honestly never know with her, and I'm like Jeff D******** right? Shes like yea My Jeff .I'm like you know what he doesn't like you, get over it, and hes MY Jeff. That pissed me right off. Grr. I'd what to do. I was ok, but then I come home and I'm like right he asked me to redo his myspace ok, here goes, and he had his picture up finally, and It was the picture me and Ali took like 2 months ago. And I was just like oh shit not this rollarcoaster again. I just can't get him out of my mind. The only thing I could do is just stop talking to him and I just can't do that. I mean I tried that before and it didn't work, did we learn nothing from last year. Arggg. I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do. Grr hes called me, and argg, he can be so boring sometimes, we have nothing in common, NOTHING. ♥

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