Jessica Mae. ♥ (onyour_mixtape) wrote in _letterstoyou_,
Jessica Mae. ♥

Dear Mom and Dad,

1. You started with taking away my sugar and butter. That wasn't that bad, I got you to buy sugar for me eventually. I needed sugar with my coffee. I'm still bitter about my butter though, nothing is the same as real butter. Now you take away my Orange Juice? and replace it with this fat free Tangerine shit? What the hell is up with that? Orange Juice is healthy and yummy, not to mention helps my fucked up immune system. Just because you guys think you need to be on a diet doesn't me you need to strave me. I can do that on my own, you should know that already! I have enough issuses eating it, why would you take it away from me? There is no food is this house to eat, ever. All we have is your fucking weight loss crap. Yeah I want to loose weight but I am told NOT to eat that crap. Okay, what do I eat then? You want me to get hospitalized (again) don't you? You know what happens if I get hospitalized for it again right? Of course you do, do you want me to get sent away? This isn't a good time to start pulling this healthy crap on me. I need fatty foods, even though I refuse to eat them. If they are hear I will have to eat them at least once an a while, because I have no other food to eat. I've gained six fucking pounds since September, do you know what that is doing to me? I weight one-hundred and twenty-five pounds, for heavens sakes. That number makes me want to start vomiting up all the food I've eaten today, which I can tell you isn't much. You'll never understand what is going through my head. I will not, I REFUSE, to gain anymore weight. My size three (and five) pants will NOT go any higher again. I worked to hard to get down here and I'm not going to loose everything I worked for. You both make me angry. LEAVE ME ALONE.


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