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Dear lover,
I refer to you as lover because you are more than a friend, yet you are nothing more than that. I feel someone for you every time we "hang out". You know we don't just hang out. You were my first boyfriend, my first real kiss, and many other things that only you and I know. I hate how you are so reckless with my feelings and think it doesn't bother me. I hate how the only time you want me is when you know someone else does too. I hate how I try and convince myself that I don't have feelings for you, when at the sight of you I just want to scream "be with me ." She doesn't support you, like I would support you. Come on, lover, you don't keep going back to someone after five years if there isn't something there. And oh, is there something there. You would have to be blind, deaf, and senseless to not feel the chemistry we have when we are together. Just once more, to feel your body entwine with mine. What I wouldn't give, sweet lover, what I wouldn't give.

the other girl

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