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Fuck you! I hate the amount of stress you bring on and the all nighters I inevitably wind up pulling. I also hate that my eating cycle is severely disrupted because I spend all my time studying and writing, and only remember to eat once I have a sufficient break and my stomach is crying out for something more substantial than cereal and caffeine-laced beverages. Thank god there's only 1 more that stands between me and my vacation. I can't take anymore of your shit.

I can't wait to come back :D I'm going to thoroughly enjoy the month vacation without any work or tests of any kind. I miss my friends, my boyfriend, and my cats (even though I keep saying I'm going to kill them because they shed way too much). I will also get to watch my wonderful crime dramas as they are broadcast instead of having to constantly tape them.

I need more time to buy people's presents! But I'm also excited for those to get here as well, because they bring family and friends together.

Junk Food:
Why are you so damn tempting and convenient? This week I've eaten practically no veggies or fruits and it makes me sad.

Why don't you pave the fucking roads for once? I'd like to get out of here without breaking any bones, and that's becoming progressively harder and harder to do if there's ice and snow everywhere.

Much love,
A highly aggrivated and drained Emily

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