karicaKes. (krazykari123) wrote in _letterstoyou_,

please don't use my letters to start your fires this time.

Dear Christopher,
Always about you, yes, indeed! If you knew, I'll bet you'd like it.
We were having an awesome conversation tonight.. at least, in my opinion. And then suddenly, we got disconnected. Was it you? Because it certainly wasn't me. Why didn't you pick up after I tried to call you back? Why didn't you call me back.. it's been two hours, exactly. And I'm missing you. I'm jumping to all these conclusions. Were you bored of me talking? You could've told me. Why couldn't you have said something so that I'm not just left hanging?
You said that you.. love me. Not past tense, but present. And I ruined it; I'm sorry. But you kind of deserve it, sorry to say. I've said, "I love you," so many times, without one back. And it hurt me, like, I thought.. what if it's just one-sided love. And I couldn't bear to think that, just because we've been through so much together. How could anyone?
I wish we could just be together. How many times do I have to say it until it actually happens? :[ I'd drop everything to be with you..
Love, Kariann.

Dear Kyle,
Maybe all we need is a second chance. I want your love, but not you. I'm sorry. We could try it though.. if you'd like. Except, I think you're too scared of getting hurt. I am too. But you have to take a chance sometimes. Especially with things related to love.
I don't think I could ever love you like I love Christopher. I'm not asking you to settle for less; I'm asking if that's okay. Because he was my first love. Maybe my only love. Maybe we'll be together again, sometime, later. I'm not saying you're my second; that you're some replacement of him, but you could be a whole other person I love. Is it okay with you?
Let me know soon,

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