KaylaChristmas. (shes_a_killah) wrote in _letterstoyou_,

Because of you everything in my life has been left turned upside down. I would wrather write you a letter that you'll never see and read a book 'till I pass out on my best friends couch than cry over you. I mean, you didn't think I should cry anyway...
Don't expect me to listen to you wen you say I shouldn't be upset...but listen to me when I plead with you to be as upset as myself. Do you not realize that 3 years has gone by? That this might be the end of EVERYTHING? You say whatever shall happen will, that if we were meant to be together then it will happen. Dear trust me when I say fate has to be helped out, you cant just sit back and watch this disaster play out like a movie.
You can't pretend everything is okay.
It's not.
Do you realize that you are not mine and I am not yours?
I do...all to well...and I'm sure the next girl that you kiss will feel it too.
And promise me before you ever think about jumping into another relationship that you remember that I taught you how to talk baby talk and that I showed you sex isnt always better than cuddleing and that romantic candlelit bubbles baths can be the greatest thing in the world...expecially when you're cramped into a tiny bathtub.
You may find someone, but she will never be like me, I'm one of a kind and its always going to be that way.
Maybe this is a "break" of sorts, maybe we'll end up getting married and having a bunch of kids with your hair and my eyes...because thats what we agreed on...but as of right now, I'm not thinking that way. You taught me that.
I'd wrather feel like my heart has been ripped to shreads then just "dealing" with it.
You're sick of being frustrated? I'm sick of being worried. But I know I love you and nothing is going to change that.
Maybe we need a week, a month, forever. Who knows.
There is just no one like you.

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