i always loved you cause you were "oh so special" (myownworstenemy) wrote in _letterstoyou_,
i always loved you cause you were "oh so special"

to whoever cares,
i've never been i love before. i loved it. i never knew what love was before i met him. all those days where we would just hang around and tell eachother how much we honestly love eachother. all those promises we made...fucking gone. i don't know what i could have done differently, if anything. if you love me, why are you leaving me? am i that much of a burden? was i the one that was stressing you out? are you sure its just school? i understand freshman year in college is big and important but what the hell did i do? i can't live like this everyday. i don't wanna live anymore. i just wanna crawl into a small spot and scream my fucking lungs out, and just cry away everything. i wanna erase my memory of you, im trying too, i really am but their still haunting me. do you know how hard it is not to cry when i see you? when im with you? i would do anything for you, i thought the same was for you. and i understand if i was a burden but just tell me what it was so i don't make that mistake again. i don't even wanna picture being with someone else. im sorry for whatever i did. if i could take it back i would. i'll be more secure about myself. i'll do anything just to be able to hear you say i love you over and over again. but only when i could trust you again. i want that feeling of trust again. now everything is just a lie.
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