Jessica Mae. ♥ (onyour_mixtape) wrote in _letterstoyou_,
Jessica Mae. ♥

and so yet again I don't know what to say to you. Sometimes you make me so angry I want to kick you. Other times you make me so happy I want to just hug you and never let go. Last night was not cool. Nor was the night before. I know I wrote a little last night, but I just need to write before work. Sweetie, I love you so much. I wish you would just believe that. When I say nothing you do will hurt me, I mean it. The only thing you could do that would hurt me, is if you break my heart. You are always so worried you are going to fuck things up, and you won't. Thank you for promising me you will at least try to not think about it so much. I think we have a lot we need to work on in this relationship. You don't seem to understand that I am very emotional and when you get upset with me, I take it to heart. I take everything to heart. I love you just remember that, okay?


self. Go to a fucking doctor and find out what is wrong with your stomach. Not eating food, is not healthy and it is going to kill you.


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