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God bless you & keep you....

Dearest Will,
I just found out that you were in a motorcycle accident last night. I'm sorry worried about you. I haven't felt like eating much or doing much of anything at work today. In fact my stomach has been feeling so sick knowing that you are in critical condition. i'm going to call the hospital tomorrow to see if i can get your room number or just talk to you. im very afraid, because knowing you, you may not want to see anyone. or what if you don't remember me? i used to have nightmares all the time about you getting in a motorcycle accident. i know it wasnt your fault.. i know it was the fact that the driver in front of you's car died. i know right now you have a broken arm and leg. i know you're gonna make it through because even before this incident occurred.. i always prayed for you.

after i found out, i walked into my car and pulled out the suicide letter dated 8/27/05. and i re-read the part that said that I love you and thank you for every kind thing you've done for me. now i want to be here for you. from ther first day that i met you, i knew i would love you, even though i told myself i wont fall again. i tried to pretend i didnt like you, but you wouldn't let me push you away. and we have had some of the greatest times. Will I can't wait to see you again or hear word that you are doing okay. you are one of the best things that have ever happened to me this year. and as you will someday see from my several online journal entries.. you have helped me stay alive a few more months. I will always be there for you and I will always love you, but this time I wanted you to know.

Gosh, I hope you're alright.. I can barely sleep.

I love you Will & call me!

"Your Teddy Bear"

ps - i hope u remember the kiss, the hand holding, the bowling i hope u remember me. and i hope you pull through. Gosh I love you so much.
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