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dear tall blonde fella,
its been such a long time that i dont even know what to do or think anymore.
i care about you alot. that i cant deny.
but lately, very much lately, ive been wondering something to myself.
do i care about you cause of what we have? or becasue of what we had?
and this has nothing to do with dayna or anyone elses opinions. because i havent talked about this to anyone. not even in my journal. its just been something that was in the back of my head.
the other night, when i slept at your house, it was so nice to lay down in your bed and have u scoop me up and cover me with kisses and let all that passion out. it was so intense and i loved...everything about that night.the way you tocuhed me that way your breath felt your mouth your body next to mine. i even loved waking up next to you in the morning and seeing ur smile and having u kiss me. and the early morning sex was fantastic.
but then i saw you later on that afternoon, while i was with my friends and you were with your friends was so insanely awkward. why? is it cause i dont know your friends and you dont know mine and needless to say none of them knew each other...except the stories i have about you and you have about me. i dont know. all i know is it was awkward and you know it was too, cause you said as much.
i dont know where im going with this.
i guess all im really trying to get out is that i dont know why im with you anymore.
i really dont.
besides the fact that u make me smile when i see your screen name sign online or your number is on the caller id or when i see you riding you bike around the corner to meet me or whenever i poke my head up in your window or when you show my ur pot plants nad that cute little smile breaks out on your face or when im laying with u watching tv or when your kissing me....basically anytime that im reminded of you.

um... i think i just confused myself.

unconditionally, your confused dreadhead.
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