sealimbs (sealimbs) wrote in _letterstoyou_,


Fuck you and all your bullshit. I'm better off without you and not only do I realize it, but I'm doing something about it.
Never thought I'd try this one, did you? It makes me laugh to think how badly you're kicking yourself right now. And yes, I know you hate it that I've finally exercised some self control and told you to fuck off and actually mean it because even though I don't reply to your pathetic emails, I read them.
Yeah, it hurts. Yeah, you've been a huge fixture in my life for a long time now. But I no longer care. You're a cowardly lying bastard. And I already know enough of them to have an extra.
So, have fun with your new little girlfriend. We both know it's never going to work. But try and be happy with your choice.
I have a smile on my face.
Hello, little miss self-reliant.


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