Jessica Mae. ♥ (onyour_mixtape) wrote in _letterstoyou_,
Jessica Mae. ♥

Dear throat, please stop hurting. When you hurt I can't swallow, and that just isn't cool. When you hurt, I can't talk very well, and well that REALLY isn't cool. You know I love to talk and I think you enjoy punishing me. I am sick of taking drugs to help you feel better, because they taste icky and then I feel like I am going to vomit. You just mess my whole body up when your not feeling well, so please get better? Love me.

Dear sleep, you have seriously got to suck more than anything. Why? Or right, because I never see you anymore. Maybe for an hour or two a night. It is really starting to wear me down. I have to see you in order to function well. I am stressed out to the max and your not helping me! Love me.

Dear boy,  You are the best. Thanks for attempting to help pick out my clothes. I have to match all my cothes though, so the Fall Out Boy shirt just wouldn't work! I needed something pink, but thanks for the tip, underwear should come first! Your sexual comments made me giggle. Your such a dork and no trying to get my rabbit out from under the TV stand with only a towel on, is not cool. I know you wouldn't have minded, but Idid! Your birthday is in like two days, yay! Thanks to JJ we know that I'll be illegal. Cause' it's not like we didn't know that or anything. So yeah. That is all I wanna say to you. I love so very much. Love your Jessica Mae.

Dear me. I love you. Love me.

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