KaylaChristmas. (shes_a_killah) wrote in _letterstoyou_,

Okay so here's the thing.

Don't take the time out to write me a letter telling me how much you hate me and don't be in my life. If you didn't care, if it didn't bother you...you wouldn't have written anything. I'm sick of trying with you. If you're going to get mad at me all the time atleast pretend to stay mad. There's always a time period where we talk again...then you get mad..then we fight...then we don't talk. How about we skip all that and go right to the end. I mean seriously...we know this is going no where.

Just do me a favor, and don't talk shit or anything.

Don't even speak a word about things you don't understand.

You want me to break up with him? Okay. Don't worry about it it'll happen soon. And you will be happy beyond reason that I'm alone...because you can't wish happiness for anybody but yourself.

I hope you and Brandin have a great life, or however long you are together. You two look cute together.

Yeah you hurt my feelings...but that's what you meant to. Overreacting is one of your best traits.

You wont ever have to deal with me again.



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