you wish you knew me like that... (yeaimastoner42o) wrote in _letterstoyou_,
you wish you knew me like that...

dear tall cutie pie friend,
thank you for being there for me right now.
and thank you for being so crazy
that u decide right then and there
that were going to go camping tonight somewhere random.
i love you with all the good parts of my heart.
your a wonderful friend.
love your favorite dreadhead.

dear mr. vain,
thank you for listening to all my whining
and ranting
through out...all the time ive known you.
you constantly take and rarely give.
and i thank you for understanding.
love the one person who can stand you :)

dear best friend in the world,
no words in any letter
could let you know how much i love you
and our friendship.
love the best friend youve ever had

dear self
thank you for finally giving into your feelings for once.
now you know what its like to be angry.
love me.
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