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Dear The Past Week,
OMG i had so much fun. you have been the best week ever. seriously. ive never had such a good time in my life. i havent ever taken so many elevator rides in my life. i love the aussies! i cant beleive ppl thought i was hot this past week. and i made out with an aussie. and then i made out with georgia guy. i can say i did so much stuff now that ive had this past week. i made out on a plane! life is good. soo good. i love you! ive made so many new friends and memories ill never ever forget. my summer is soooo much better thanks to you. im just sad that its over. well im still sad that its over but sooo soo happy that it happened. and next week will make this summer like the best summer ever. i mean ever damn it. thank you sooo much. i love you so much! haha
Forever Me

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