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Dear God,
Please give me the strength to keep believeing in you,
my faith is wearing thin and it's going fast.
You have blessed me with so much in life,
but I always have trouble giving my thanks to you.
I miss going to church,
why did this have to happen?
If it wasn't for that church I still would be lost.
I wouldn't have you in my life.
So why did you take it away from me?
I am so confused and I need you to help me.

Dear Stephie,
I wish you would see what he is doing to you.
He isn't worth your time,
you are the most amazing and wonderful person I know.
He is just going to hurt you more.
He USED you, why can't you see that?
So deserve so much better...

Dear cell phone,
You cost me to much money!

Dear FFTL.
Thank you for recording the album Aesthetic.
It is so amazing.

<3 always, Jessica Mae.
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