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Dear Penguin,

Somehow, someway we have fallen in love with each other. An internet romance if you will, even though we've been in the same club, the same scene for the last 8 years. I guess the time was indeed right for us to finally get really close, become friends, then loves in such a short period of time. A short period to make up for time lost, giving a few nods and a hey here and there when we passed. Then you moved to somewhere so much better, started talking to me the night before you left. You left to get away from the drugs, the people, your addictions that were dragging you into a hell you nearly couldn't escape, and you came back. You came back for me. The sacrifices you made just to be near me. And now you're here. Watching the corn grow and you have given me calm. A peace that I have needed for so long. I missed you all these years, but now I have you and I will not let go. I love you. All of you, with every piece of me.

yours for life

Dear Wolfram, how to break it to you?

 Dear Wolfram,

You happen to be the fictional character who reintroduced me to the joys of heady fangirling. How could I not love you?! And consequently, how could I not weep when I witness you being metaphorically mutilated in innumerable fanfics? Yes Wolfram, you may or may not have fanfiction in Shin Makoku, but here on Earth, it's a global phenomenon. Ask your fiance Yuuri about it anytime. Just don't subject him to reading the kind of fanfics I'm about to rant about.

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Dear Team Idiot,

You all feel so high and mighty on that pedestal, saying how "Christian" you are, but all you are is full of hate.

Need proof? Hmm. Let's start with turning your head from a family member, in need of truth and faith and love. Instead you believe the snake in the garden, the 17 year old crime and shame. You, instead of looking into your hearts, decide to look into your jealous souls for a way to "crucify" the most innocent of people.

You lie, you cheat, you hate, and most of all, you call yourself something you aren't. What happened to honor? What happened to justice? What happened to being a TRUE Christian?

You're pathetic and useless in this world, yet you are so blessed to breath the air God has given you, even though you hardly deserve it.

I'm disgraced by you traitorous family members, that I would spit at my own blood if I had the chance. I've written you off. You are merely a broken branch on a wounded family tree. Maybe your branch will die off, but the tree will only heal itself and continue to grow stronger.

Did you ever think that maybe your hateful hearts would be the most evil? Did you ever think that your shameful actions and words would come back to bite you in the ass? DID YOU EVER THINK THAT MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, GOD KNOWS THE TRUTH, AND THAT ONE FINE DAY, YOU WILL BE JUDGED UNDER THE TRUTH?

This life is on lease my dear family members, and once our lease is up, it's time to buy our plot in heaven. Tell me, where will be your plot as you travel down this wicked road?

Best Heavenly Wishes To The Truest of Love,
My Honorable Family,
TV- Spartacus- Warrior

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Dear Mom and Dad,

Sorry, but when I said my dress is going to be real simple for my wedding, it's because my shoes cost is really complex.

Like... in the range of $2000... but worth it!!!!!!!

Love Always,
Your Daughter

A letter to you.

Dear you,

thank you for bearing with me and giving me the time of my life.
You make my day perfect as soon as I wake up and see you next to me, hugging me and giving me the first kiss of the day. Soft, loving and wonderful.
I know I can fall on your nerves now and then, especially when I am grumpy because life isn't always the playground I wish it would be. Even then, whenever I am down, depressed and don't like the current situation you are here to bring me to my feet again.
I love every day with you.
I love it, how you smile and laugh when we are joking around.
I love the feeling of holding you in my arms when you fall asleep.

You are the best thing that happened to me, you tamed a person who was full of indecision, rage at the world and who was unrested. You made me yours without taking my freedom away.

I love you.
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Dear you..

I can't stand you any more. I wish I had never ment you. You were supposed to be my friend. You slept with my boyfriend while I was locked up. You told your mother that I wanted you to spend your money to buy me and my friends alchol. What the fuck is wrong with you?! I honestly just want to understand. I know I give people too many chances, but this is just stupid. You don't deserve to be my friend. You don't deserve to see my son. Why?! So you can fuck him over when he gets older. Whatever. I hope karma kicks your ass, cuz your 17 and I can't.
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It's been four long years that i've stood by and watched her treat you like shit, that i've watched you brush me aside. I finally have my chance, and i want you to know nothing feels better than being with you. Snuggling up when it gets close, acting the donkey just cause we can. i love that i can hang out with you as a friend and that it can get serious and passionate when it needs to. i love it when you make me laugh. i love it when you call me baby and act all concerned. its amazing how things can go right? i love you with everything i've got, babe, and there ain't no stoppin' now.

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I love you. Honestly, I have no idea why. I fell in love when you pulled me in to kiss me with pete's tie, and when went to the play ground and you told me that i made you feel like you were in the 5th grade again. then you broke my heart. But none the less i never got over you and i've only fallen more and more. at first i thought you were gone, we stopped talking, but you then contacted me, and here i am, in love. you flirt with me and tell me im beautiful, but i dont know how you really feel, and im to scared to tell you in fear that i wont have you in my life anymore if you dont feel the same way. i guess i'll have to wait to see you to be able to tell how you feel. but that wont be till thanksgiving.

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My Dearest Alan,

I don't know if I love you the same.  I don't know if you love me the same. 

I don't like that you're so far away all the time.  And I don't know what to do.  I need more.  I don't want to break up with you.  Well, okay, at night I want to break  up with you.

And in the morning I don't know what the hell I was thinking.

... but it's night again.

You're coming home tomorrow and I'm terrified.  I know I'll either dump you or end up naked.

I don't feel like you love me at all.

And I don't have the slightest clue what to do.