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...er, hullo.

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A little thing for members to put in their userinfos, by the lovely vindicateme
It'd be a very nice thing to save it to your own little server/photobucket account so that we don't eat up all of vindicateme's good will, but if ya can't...

This is a little community that anyone can join, and you can post anything.
Well...most anything. We have a few rules. Because RULES are one of the TEN BASIC NEEDS that Your Vice-Mod Tippy learned in like third grade! (Food, water, clothing, shelter, air, God--Tippy attended a Catholic School and doesn't mean to offend--, love, sleep, rules, medicine!)


A: Yo mama's rule: If you can't say anything nice, don't say it at all. You don't know what will hurt people's feelings and what won't. So don't take chances.

B: Things not allowed to be posted:
1. Promotions for stupid rating communites based on looks.
2. Porn that would disturb people.
3. Anything illegal. For (hopefully) obvious reasons.
4. Anything that will make me cry.

C: Don't bring up personal issues between you and another member of this community. If you want to talk smack about your boyfriend, for example, that would be ok, UNLESS he is a member of this community.

D: If it's long, cut it. How do you make a LiveJournal cut, you ask? Simple!

E: When thou join'st, post five interests of thine. We'll add them to the community's interests. Please. Thank you.

F: Have fun! This is to be heard and make friends while doing it, getting feedback on your thoughts! Fun! Yaay!

So, as you see, we're pretty much open to anything. Stories or poems you've written, pictures you've drawn, pictures of you, how you're feeling, lyrics, stuff you like that you think needs to be shared with the world, what you're doing.

Everyone has a voice, and the purpose of this community is to listen.

In case you're wondering, your mod?
imnotafake, and on AIM, heywhosontrial
She loves you! :D
She also loves Paul Banks, assorted skrinkles, linking arms and walking around, munching garlic toast, and Tom Riddle, among other things. She hates lessons of any kind, for they squash creativity.
She doesn't want to kill you.
Get on her good side and friend her. That would be cool.

In case you're wondering, that other mod-ish creature
who lurks about and tells you what to do? That's Vice Mod
meaty. She's on AIM, too, but
she hardly talks to anyone and usually just lurks.
Call her Tippy. Or don't. Your decision.
She's also a terribly pedantic little grammar fiend
whose turn-ons include long walks on the beach,
candlelit dinners, winter, canopy beds, and capital letters.
She's madly in love with Severus Snape.
Even if he is a little fey.