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Solemnly Swear ~ A Marauder-Era RPG. Brand new to the LJ-community, SS already has a very active member list, despite its small size. However, new characters are needed and most wanted! If you're ready for a fast-paced, canon Marauder-Era RPG with friendly mods and cheerful members, this may very well be the perfect RPG for you!

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So, who hasn't signed your yearbook yet?

Many character positions are still available! Our newest members are Rodolphus Lestrange and Andromeda Black - yet we are still looking for Narcissa Black, Bellatrix Black, Regulus Black, Ted Tonks... and loads of others! Characters not mentioned on the RPG's cast list are still available for selection, however we would like to fill these canon spots before allowing any OC's.

Ready for some unmanaged mischief?

AIM Contact (mod): Call an 0ptimist

yay !!!

helloo I'm neww =]

hm i like ...

1. bright multicolored dots
2. Sims 2!!
3. hearing the garbage truck at night (hahah a little odd.)
4. snow days
5. rainbow sprinkles

<33 danielle
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hello all

im new to this community. looks like fun considering im the most random person i know. my interests.
1::: POINTY OBJECTS!!!!!!!!!!!!
2::: FIRE
5::: CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I give you Tennyson. "The world will not change, and her heart will not break."

Sort of words of wisdom. REALLY. ^^

AND IT'S A SNOWDAY OMGZ#)%@*%)(@#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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