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Is Your Love Lethal?

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.- The MOD -.

♥ Justyn.-- Everything means nothing, if I ain't got ♥you♥.
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.- The Applicant's Rules -.
♥1. You must post your application within 48 hours of joining. If you don't, we'll erase you.
♥2. You will be stamped after 48 hours, or when all of the active members have posted their votes. It just depends on which comes first.
♥3. All the questions are there for a reason, don't skip them.
♥4. Don't get all defensive over shit. If you can't take a no, don't waste your time here. *Note: If you're defending yourself, that's different. But don't be bitchy.*
♥5. The MOD's have the all powering veto. If there is a tie, or controversy, We will come to a conclusion and stamp your ass somehow.
♥6. Don't comment on any other post except your own, until you've been stamped. Got it?
♥7. You absolutely have to use an lj-cut. If you don't know how ask one of the MOD's or go to the help page.
♥8. Bold the question. It makes the application so much easier to read, and you might win bonus points. Yet again, if you don't know how, ask a MOD or go to the help page.
♥9. Don't unnecessarily edit or delete your post (unless you have the permission of a MOD)
♥10. To make sure that you read the rules, and for our sheer pleasure, put "Am I Lethal?" as your subject title.
♥11. If you get rejected and want to reapply, wait a week. Get new photos, explain your answers better, or just try not to be a bitch. You might just get in.
♥12. You must be at least 14 years old to apply. This way we can somewhat ensure that we'll have a high maturity level in the community.
♥13. If you're accepted, you're expected to remain active. This means voting, theme, whatever. Don't join and expect to look pretty, that's only half of the job.
♥14. No over-sized pictures. If you need help resizing, ask a MOD or go to the help page. If you don't fix it, you're whole application will be deleted.
♥15. Don't be a wanker. You can do that on your own time.

.The Application.

- It's Me -

.Sexual Preference.
.Boyfriend/Girlfriend -Pics?-.
.Pets -Pics?-.
.Smoke -What?-.
.Drink -What?-.

- My Opinion -

.President Bush.
.Pre-Marital Sex.
.Female Condoms.
.Self Mutilation.
.Michael Jackson.
.Atkins Diet.
.Gay Marriage.
.Public Nudity.
.Male Cheerleaders.
.Closed-Minded People.
.Country Music.
.Birth Control.

- My Favorites -

.Movies (At least 3).
.Bands/Musical Artists (At least 4).
.Television Show.
.Radio Station.
.Type of Music.

- Dedication -
Promote us. Somewhere, somehow. In at least two place, and prove it with links.

- My Turn To Talk -
Say anything here that you think will win us over. If you think you've wow'ed us enough, just post a really amazing picture here. Be sure that you at least tell us where you heard about the community from.

- My Pics -
Post at least three amazing pictures of yourself here. You can have many more than three, but make sure that your face is very visible in at least three of them.

. The Member's Rules .
♥1. Stay active. Participate and promote. If you're just going to sit on your ass and do nothing, we'll erase you and pretend you never existed.
♥2. Don't start stuff with other people. If you don't like them, tell them, but you don't have to be a bitch about it.
♥3. When voting, put your vote either as the subject, or bold it. This makes reading the votes much easier for the MOD's.
♥4. You can give reasons if you want. You probably wanted reasons when you got accepted, so why not return the favor.
♥5. Every picture or likewise that you post must be behind an lj-cut. If not it throws the alignment and width off, and that doesn't make us MOD's very happy. (especially Susan, who set that in the first place)
♥6.We love you, really, we do.

- Promotion Banners -
Members and Applicants - feel free to use any banners to promote the community.
If you don't know how to use this,
Ask one of the MODs to help you!

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