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Less Than Silent

An Icon Community

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All Members , Moderated

Less Than Silent was created to be a icon outlet for me, punkishxdork, but is a community because I'm not picky and I don't mind if members add their own graphics as well. This community will also showcase friends only banners, headers, wallpapers, etc. but will mainly focus on 100x100 icons that can be used for Livejournal.

To view/save icons, you must join the community first. This is just to prevent people who wont credit from using the icons.


If you'd like to apply to display and offer your own graphics here, first join (obviously) and then apply by posting an application with the following info: name, your personal LJ, and some samples of your work. Be SURE to put your application under an LJ cut. Then one of the mods will accept you or reject you for your work. Don't be offended if you're not accepted to make icons for the community - this is just a community for good-quality icons (ie. something NOT put together in Paint, etc.)


You must credit the USER who made the icon, NOT the community. For example, if it's something I made, credit punkishxdork. We're not asking for a huge banner thanking us; just be sure to credit us in the keywords if you use an icon.

Just because an icon doesn't have text (or illegible text), don't think it's a base. All bases will be labelled as bases, and then and ONLY then can you edit them. Even after you edit it, however, you must still credit that user who made it for the base.

Once you've joined the community, all posts must have to do with either requests (only make ONE request at a time) or posting your own icons. And of course applications. DO NOT promote other communities (even in the comments). There ARE exceptions to this rule, of course: the mods, for example, can post anything they want (:P) and if it's REALLY something you feel you need to say (reporting something, etc.) it'll be read, taken care of, and then deleted by a mod.

Hotlinking/Direct Linking
DON'T DO IT. Simply put. Upload the icons to your own server before using.


Founder/Main Moderator: punkishxdork (Amber)

Wanna be a mod? Feel free to email me with the same info as if you were applying to display icons here. DON'T apply to be a moderator right in the community.