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the lesser of two weevils: a graphics community

don't you know that you must always chose the lesser of two weevils?

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The Lesser of Two Weevils
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This is the graphics journal for incognito323. L2W originally started out as a catalogue for my Diagon shop at hogwarts_elite, but I have since moved on from focusing solely on catalogue things. Now you'll find a whole range of items here, from Harry Potter to Grey's Anatomy!
rules +
The rules here are simple: if you see something you like, comment! If you want to use something, be sure to comment with what you're planning on using and credit me when you use them. Textless icons are not bases, unless otherwise marked. Don't claim graphics as your own; it's stealing and makes me sad =( Feedback is always welcome too! I love to hear back from people who like my things!
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