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Hey guys.

I'm new here, shame this community isn't at all active. Anyways, i've always been big on the Lene lovin', I loved Aqua, and of course was a huge fan of Lene's solo disc. I was wondering though, if anyone had the bonus tracks from the Japanese release of Lene's album? "Doin' It To You" & "Paper Bag"? I have been looking for them forever. I don't have much to trade in the form of Lene... just her full album and a remix of It's Your Duty... but maybe I have something else you might like. It'd be great if anyone could help me out. Cheers!
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Hello, all!

This community doesn't seem to be too active, but I just joined today and figured I'd make an intro post - my name is Jessica, I'm 23 years old, I live in the United States (Arizona) and I LOVE Aqua, and Lene, and I am completely in love with Lene's solo CD - I just bought it the other day, actually, and I can't stop listening to it. So ... hi! :)