58 L Word Icons


Here are a bunch of icons from The L Word. They're from a mix of seasons - I'm aware that there are a lack of caps for certain characters but I haven't capped most of the episodes yet, so expect more TLW icons soon - especially from Season 5 :)



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l word australian convention

leisha is attending this event

The events offical page has been updated with more news and a brand new forum so check it out at

I know the planners will be releasing the final line up of guests and tickets very soon so make sure to registar your details at this site so you are the first ones to get tickets and info.

Also check out the myspace page I created for the event at:

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I forgot that I'm a member of this group.
It's been completely dead for a while, likely because (though fabulous) Leisha is not as universally popular as Eva Mendes or whoever is 'hot' in Hollywood these days.

So here is my question. Does anyone else think that the aesthetic sexiness that IS Leisha and Rose Rollins is the best thing SINCE her and Dana?