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Welcome to the new Leon x Aerith Community, Leather x Lace. Yes, the name is inspired by that old Stevie Knicks and Don Henley duet. I am very uncreative when it comes to naming my communities. ;_;

Anyway, this is obviously a community for fans of the Leon x Aerith pairing from Kingdom Hearts. Not Squall x Aeris/th from their respective Final Fantasies because, well, he's involved with Rinoa, and Aerith is sort of dead in her world. If you're a fan of Aerith ditching Cloud and his Vincent cosplay in KH for the King of Spiked Mullets, this is the place for you. Have some Leon, Aerith, or Leon x Aerith icons you'd to post? Feel free. I could use more. :P Want to post a Leon x Aerith fanfic? Please do. There aren't nearly enough, in my humble opinion. Have an urge to rant about why this is one of the most awesome fan pairings ever? This is the place!

Disclaimer, though. I don't seriously think that Leon x Aerith is a canon pairing, so please to not be flaming of the Tess. I don't think anyone else who joins would think it either, so if you plan on joining to wage some holy war against us, I will only spam you with old man orgies and goatse before removing you from the comm and deleting your posts. Because my power is incredible. Rawr.


1. Don't be a douchebag. You're free to post here and offer commentary on anything, even if you don't want to join officially because you aren't a fan of Leon x Aerith. The only condition is that you not be a retard when doing so. In case you weren't aware, retardism consists of flaming, trolling, orcing, and night elfing (WoW nerditude for the win). In other words, if you disagree with someone, great. Just don't be a douche about it. Also note that constructive criticism is not flaming.

2. Put Spoilers under an LJ-cut. Not that I'm expecting there to be a great deal of these what with the small amount of Leon and/or Aerith footage that's been released so far in KH2 news, but just use your common sense. Most people freak out at the mere mention of spoilers, and while I honestly don't care, respect the people that don't want the game spoiled for them.

3. Also put pr0n under an LJ-cut. I don't mind mature posts or material. Just respect the fact that it isn't everyone's cup of tea and treat it the same as you would a spoiler. LJ-cut the sucker. ^^

4. Please make sure your submissions and posts have something to do with Leon, Aerith, or Leon x Aerith. This should go without saying. I don't need to be seeing Riku x Donald Duck lemons popping up in my Leon x Aerith community. Thx.

5. Advertising and affiliation posts are allowed, but make sure your community has something to do with Kingdom Hearts, please. Other pairing communities are more than acceptable for affiliation, be they yaoi, yuri, or het. RP advertisements are cool too, but please not to be spamming the comm everyday with an affiliation request or advertisements. I will stab you in the eye with a spork.


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