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WSS- Tony & Maria

Newbie Post

Hello all, I just joined the community!

I am in love with Lea Salonga and have thusfar only seen her as Fantine in the Les Miserables revival but hope to see her many more times in concerts and other shows to come.

Anyway, the real reason I'm posting is to ask if anyone has any photos of Lea Salonga in costume as Jasmine from the Oscars? I'd love to see some. 

Lea Salonga

Lea Salonga has always been my favourite performer... she sings like no one else can, and she projects like no other... Her sweat yet powerful voice captures my heart everytime i hear her sing, not to mention her very pleasing beauty from the inside out... She's just phenomenal... it's not a shock that the world has been captivated by her presence...

*pictures were taken at

*wall paper were taken at
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Im just new here... im now desperately looking for Lea Salonga album which the song TWO WORDS is included.. She sang it on her wedding day and im planning to use it on my upcoming wedding...I really, really appreciate it if you guys here can give me some clues... thanks a bunch.. more power. :D


I just love Lea! I saw her last year in Pasadena when she was a guest of the KAPAMILYA CARAVAN thingy by ABS-CBN. The last time I've heard of her is from the latest STAR STUDIO magazine(I'm not sure if there's already a new was my cousin's). She had an interview about her new baby, Nicole Beverly, and how she got Lea and her husband wrapped around her little finger. If I remember, I think she mentioned about spanking if necessary and stuff. (My cousin has the mag so I'm trying to remember what else it says) She also said that she's not gonna force the kid to follow her footsteps. I'll post again if I get my hands on the mag and I'll spill every detail.^_^

Hiya, newbie!

Hi everyone! Fellow Lea fan here! I've been a fan of Lea ever since I was little and first saw Miss Saigon. Here's a brief history on my Lea love: Saw Miss Saigon about 6 times on broadway. Saw her in the closing performance for Miss Saigon [so sad], saw her in Flower Drum Song on broadway, and stood outside and got her autograph [she is so sweet!], and then I have various Lea love knick-knacks.

Anyway, I have a few questions I was hoping fellow fans could answer! Anyone know of a good fan site that gives update information on how Lea is and what she is doing? Also, a good place to possibly download songs she has song, older ones?


The Journey - Lea Salonga

Hello ^_^ I just joined, and I hope I'm not bothering you.

I know .wav file is very rare to find, but I am looking for the song of Lea Salonga. It's called "The Journey" If anyone can find or make it for me, I would love you forever and ever.

Also, I want to put "The Journey" .wav file in my lj as background music.

Thank you for your time *hugs you*

P.s. Does anyone know where I can upload .wav file? Because some sites don't accept the file that has more than 5MB -_-

Hi! I'm new here

I just has to join! I ADORE Lea- not only is she a gifted singer but she's a wonderful actress as well. It's so hard to find some of her stuff in the US so if anyone knows where I can find some more rare recordings let me know. I have the Miss Saigon OLC The Les Mis 10th Anniversary DVD and CD, The Flower Drum song Revival Recording and her Disney stuff. I think her ability to really "feel" a song as she sings it is wonderful. It's gives me chills. Well I look forward to hearing from other Lea fans