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This is a community where you can ask a question and people will answer it for you. You can ask anything you need advice for and give advice too! We love helping you, so don't be shy!

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Rules for asking a question
1. You may be any age to enter.
2. Don't ever use names if you have a problem with someone. If you must use a name, please put a * and change the name. We don't want any fights starting. :-)
3. If you need advice, please post your question as a regular entry.
4. Once we get 10 advice givers, we will start giving advice.
5 You may join and then immediatly post your question or you may join to become an advice giver. If you are not stamped as an advice giver, then you may not comment on other people's questions.
6. Have fun and remeber, promote!

Rules for becoming an advice giver
1. You may be any age to enter.
2. The first ten will automatically be accepted.
3. You may not comment or give advice untill you are stamped and accepted.
4. It will take at least 7 votes to see if you are accepted or not.
5. Please answer the questions thoughly, not just one word answers.
6. Don't give violent advice (punch him/her etc) or any outrageous advice. Tell someone what you would do.
7. Once we get 10 advice givers, we will start giving advice.
8. You may also ask your own questions to get advice. But please do this sperate from your application.

The Survey
(Only fill this out if you wish to be an advice giver. You do not have to be an advice giver to ask a question, however). Please post in an lj-cut. You may post pictures if you like.

Tell us a little about yourself:
What is your worst experience that someone helped you through. Who was that person?:
Do friends usually come to you for advice?:
Do you think you could help other people with their problems?:
What do you think is the biggest problem with people today?:
Who do you think is the best person to go to for advice?:
Why do you think you should be accepted?: