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I need adviiiiiiiiiiiice.

Okay, so there's these three guys I might like. All these problems start with guys, don't they? Anyway, the guys.

We'll call the first one Napoleon. So I meet Napoleon, he's cute, he's cool, and I talk to him sometimes, but he doesn't seem to be trying to get to know me any better, and I think he likes someone else.

And then there's this other guy. Uh...Axl. So me and Axl go waaaaay back, and I might like him (again) but I don't want to tell him cause we're like brother-sister and it'll ruin everything.

Then there's Bosco. Bosco is an awesome kid. He's everything I want in a guy. He's taller than me, he's sweet, he's funny, all this, all that. He's my friend's ex-boyfriend.

And here's the kicker. I don't know if I even really like any of these guys!

Uhm. thanks guys. I have to go shave now, I'm wearing a skirt tomorrow. Go me.

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Question.... I think I'm addicted to rating communities. For some reason I keep applying and keep getting told im ugly. Why do I keep trying? Just thought I'd ask for a little advice :-) -jamie-


I don't know how many of you know this already, but on tuesday night, my dad killed himself. I don't know why, I don't know if he knew why either, but I'd just like to help anyone who's had this problem before or is going through it now. Never ever follow them in what they did. In no way will it help the situation. The police that talked to me about it said that it's not my fault, and it's no one elses but his own, but I didn't care about that. I wanted to know what would make him think that everyone wouldn't miss him, and that we wouldn't be going through hell after this. And if I could go back, and if I knew I couldn't stop him from doing it, I would have just liked to be there to tell him I loved him, and that everyone else does. And I think I could live with that, just knowing that he knew that I loved him, and that everyone else did too, and that he would be missed dearly. So, whoever has lost someone, or think they will in the near future, just don't kill yourself, thinking it will make it better. It wont. And to close, never ever stop crying when you still have tears. Crying is the alternative to beating the shit out of something in the near vicinity. Like other people. I am in no way ashamed of how much I've cried over the past two days, and i never will be ashamed of it. If you have anything you want to let out, go ahead. Keeping it blocked up makes you explode after a while, and that's no good at all. Thanks for hearing me out.

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K i some advice.

So me and this dude... and we go way back. Last year I went out with him for about 4 months...then we broke up. Up till this point in time we keep dating off and on...but when we go out we only go out for like 2 weeks then broke up. He never returned his calls and never was able to do anything bc he was "sick" or something. But since the first time we had something good going... we kept going out off and on. I tried dating other people...but I keet putting him first and other relationships didnt work out bc of that. (not to mention i have bad luck with other guys).

Now we are going out after a long break. He still pulls the old stuff like not returning calls ever, or not doing anything. And part of me wants to break up with him bc i cant take it no more...then another part of me just tells me to stay with him cause ill come crawling back to him later.

After all the times he made me cry, and all the discomfort ive been in lately...iv'e decided that im not making good thats why I decided to ask all of you for help. Who better to listen to then your friends. So do you think I should stay with him and give him more time? Tell me any suggestions and why you say what you said.

Thanks so much


(sry if i sound like a loser)
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K, in need of some advice. K, here it goes. Theres these two guys that i like. Both of them i already went out with before and the one hurt me really bad but i still can't get him out of my head. And now there is a chance of gettin back with him and i wanna take that chance but then theres the other guy. The other guy really likes and cares about me and i know hes not in it for sex cause he already knows im not givin it out. I really like him but the other guy is still in the back of my mind.
What to do, what to do


The Survey
(Only fill this out if you wish to be an advice giver. You do not have to be an advice giver to ask a question, however). Please post in an lj-cut. You may post pictures if you like.

Name: Mike R
Age: 15...verging on 16
Location: Burlington, NJ
Grade: 10
Single/Taken: TAKEN
Tell us a little about yourself: I am 15, I have burgindy black hair and blue eyes. I am honest, and frank, and sincere.
What is your worst experience that someone helped you through. Who was that person?: Th whole thing witht e girls at school, Megan M helped me through it ans did I her.
Do friends usually come to you for advice?: All the time, in 8th grade the students were asked to guve occupations to thier fellow calssmates, I was given teen psychologist. I try.
Do you think you could help other people with their problems?: Yes, and I do that every day at school.
What do you think is the biggest problem with people today?: their fear of quite possibly letting someone in.
Who do you think is the best person to go to for advice?:
Why do you think you should be accepted?: I feel that i could make a positive impact on things.

yo megs. application fo' sho'.

Name: frenchy
Age: 14
Location: burrrrlington
Grade: 9
Single/Taken: single
Tell us a little about yourself: well....i enjoy long walks on the like playing sports, and being with friends. especially megan. she is just the coolest.
What is your worst experience that someone helped you through. Who was that person?: the worst experience that ever happened to me was when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. i would have never made it through that time if it wasnt guidence counselor.
Do friends usually come to you for advice?: usually.
Do you think you could help other people with their problems?: yes, i've had some tough times, i think i could help people through theirs.
What do you think is the biggest problem with people today?: that people dont face their problems..they're always lurking inside..dun dun dunnnnn.
Who do you think is the best person to go to for advice?: if you have a good relationship with your parents, go to them first, if not, a school guidence counselor, or you friends.
Why do you think you should be accepted?: i could try and give good advice to people who need it, and you can lean on, really. you can.